Choose Your Membership Type

All memberships with CHAPCA are based on a calendar year and are valid from January 1st - December 31st annually. 

Provider Membership

Provider member dues are based on your agency's OSPHD operating expenditures (Section 10, Line 54) filed every March for the previous year. For example, for 2020 provider dues, CHAPCA will base your dues on your previous year OSHPD report. 

Providers with multiple licensed offices or branches should calculate dues for each individual office location. Corporate discounts are available to agencies with four or more locations/offices in California.

Providers are encouraged to register each licensed location so they can be included in CHAPCA's online membership directory and in referrals. Only employees of providers that are members are eligible for CHAPCA membership discounts. If you have questions about calculating corporate discounts, please call the CHAPCA office at (916) 925-3770.


Please contact CHAPCA to request an online application form.

Please use the Downloadable Provider Membership Application and pay via check.

Provider Membership Single Location Application 
Provider Membership Multiple Location Application 

Associate Membership

Any company who provides a product or service to the hospice industry, i.e., pharmaceutical company, software vendor, medical equipment provider, industry consultant, etc. may join as an associate member.

Hospice Care Providers and Professional Education Pass Members are not eligible to be Associate Members.


 Please contact CHAPCA to request an online application form.

Associate Membership - Pay by Credit Card
Associate Membership - Pay by Check