CHAPCA Side-By-Side Comparison

Federal and State Requirements for Hospice 


This year, our side-by-side is in a new electronic format and available to download at your convenience. This new, interactive document will enable you and your staff to reference sections of the Conditions of Participation and compare with the CA State Standards easily and efficiently.  In addition, you can now personalize your document with your internal agency policy numbers and policy numbers of your accreditation organization.  

An image showing the layout of the Side-By-Side document


The document provides a side-by-side format with an approximate equivalent of existing federal and state standards and regulations, and includes:

· Federal Conditions of Participation for Hospice
· California Standards for Quality Hospice Care


Watch this short video for a preview of the document:

  • This brand new electronic document has been updated with the recent update on Section §418.24 added October 2020 and will continue to be updated and available annually.
  • This form is now in an electronic format and can be downloaded and stored on your computer for easy access.
  • You can purchase one subscription copy and share with other staff in your agency. 
  • All sections in the table of contents are hyperlinked for quick and easy reference throughout the document. 
  • A new feature that we've added this year are columns to personalize your document.  You can enter your own internal policy numbers and the policy numbers of your accreditation organization.
  • In addition, we've added a column for your staff to determine "of each of the policies, which is more stringent".  A great training tool for your staff!
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**The document link should not be shared with anyone outside of your agency.  

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